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    Rules On The Forum


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    Rules On The Forum

    Post  Monica on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:07 pm

    Everyone, knows the rule of his/she forum!
    And, now read my rule first.

    1. Posting real names and surnames, ages, email addresses, passwords and any personal information!
    2. Posting any offensive or sexual messages of any kind. This includes: profanity, disgusting or violent situations, insults/harrassment of players, hentai, sexual orientation, se-xy pics, sexual symbols (especially symbols that represent male or female body parts), or any kind of *naughty* talk. (and using spaces, symbols or creative spelling to try to hide those words is not going to fool anyone.)
    3. Impersonating mods,mini mods etc. or claiming to have special influence with mods, mini mods etc.
    4. Never ever talk with a rude messages!
    5. You're topic will be locked, if you're not update it for 1-4 Month.

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