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    Spooky Wooky (FanMade Story) CHAPTER 1


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    Spooky Wooky (FanMade Story) CHAPTER 1

    Post  Monica on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:29 pm

    CHAPTER 1 : The Man and The Princess

    Grandpa : So, kids, do you want to heard a story?
    Lucas : Any story! Grandpa.
    Lucia : Yeah!
    Grandpa : How about The Man and the Wood?
    Lucas : Grandpa, I want something that's spooky!
    Lucia : Right, Grandpa!
    Grandpa : Okay.. how, then. The Black Tail?
    Lucia : Yeah! I never heard of that before.
    Grandpa : Okay, then.. Far away, there's live a man named
    Bercanicles. He lived with his grandma. Her grandma is very sick.
    So, Bercanicles try to stealing something from a night bore. It's 12. PM
    The clocks start to boom! Everyone wakes up.
    Bercanicles are captured. But, he can run away, from it.
    everyday, Bercanicles stealing everything. For his grandma, but..
    a lady named Honeydew want to solve the mystery. "Hey, this look's fun!"
    She said. "But, Princess, that man is very smart." Said a girl.
    "No fear, I can captured that man!" Honeydew shouted.
    Bercanicles heard that. "Oh, no!" He said. "What should I do?"
    Bercanciles know, that Honeydew is very smart and very...
    ???? : Eek!
    Lucas : What was that?
    Grandpa : Wait a sec.. let me continue it.
    Lucas : O..oh.
    Grandpa : And very strong. What should Bercanicles, do?
    but no choice, he want to kill his self. Ten days later...
    "What? No sign of that strange man." Honeydew said.
    "Um, Princess Honeydew.." Bercanicles start to ask.
    "Yeah? OH! Bercanciles, where did you go? Be careful,
    there's a man that stolen every item. Do you know who is he?"
    Honeydew asked. "The man that stolen everything is... me."
    Bercanicles said. "Aha! So you!" Honeydew shouted.
    "Yes, I am." And.. DOOR! Honeydew shoot Bercanicles!
    And then.. The story is end.
    Lucas : What? No Fair!
    Grandpa : Sorry, Lucas. The page is ripped!

    END of CHAPTER 1

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