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    Stella's Magic Book (Guide)


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    Stella's Magic Book (Guide)

    Post  Monica on Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:55 pm

    Some reason, a person will make a love story, adventure etc.
    But some of them is doesn't allowed.
    with this magic guide, you will reach to the book.

    A Magic Guide :

    In this guide, you will help yourself.

    1. Why we doesn't allowed to make a boy/girl stories?
    Me : 'cause not LOVE stories there.
    2. Do we allowed to make a stories and song? If yes what kid of stories and song?
    Me : Yes, allowed but for stories please don't add a love. And for song? Love yes.
    3. My stories is gone, what should I do?
    Me : It's you're fault! You not edit you're stories for too long.
    4. Can we add something sexual?
    Me : ?!!! OF COURSE NOT!
    5. If this guide allow us to edited someone stories, can we edit it?
    Me : No, members! Just I can edited it.
    6. Um, can we make a song from a band?
    Me : What? Oh, of course not. You can't!
    7. Can we Make a stories/songs with winx girls, P-Man, Powerpuff girls etc.
    Me : Yes, right!

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